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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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Episode #98: Learn The Risks and Rewards of Angel Investing In Modern Times

How To Have A Bigger And Better Life that will Make a Bigger Impact


29 min 2 sec



    Matt Ward currently has 2 jobs, as founder, of Angel Investor & at The Syndicate and CEO - Founder - Podcast Fringe.FM.

      Matt Ward found out early in life that he hated having an ordinary job. Matt learnt how to make money via eCommerce and has gone onto Angle Investing. Listen to Matt talk about the risks and rewards of Angle Investing. Matt also shares his passion of how to have a bigger and better life that will make a bigger impact through the Podcast show of Fringefm. As well as being an angel investor, Matt Ward, is also a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, speaker, consultant, futurist, growth hacker, hustler and author focused on helping startups change the world. The best way to reach him is on Fringe.FM or Twitter @itsmattward

      • 3:30 Background on Matt
      • 4:25 Why focus on Start-ups?
      • 8:30 5 years working with start-ups
      • 9:30 Looking for those that have a vision for the future
      • 12:00 Help with growth and marketing with potential for 50X return
      • 14:35 Betting on the next entreprenuer looking at SAS-Software as a Service
      • 18:30 Pace of change accelerating now in the digital computer era
      • 19:50 What else does Matt do - Health Paradigm shift
      • 25:00 Matt gives back via Fringe.fm. A podcast to change the way people think about the future
      • 28:00 Final message - never stop learning always have a purpose


        Episode #97: Happiness Is A Choice We Can Make For Retirement

        Neville Garnham is Never Going To Retire


        25 min 32 sec


      • Neville Garnham is an entrepreneur, a highly sought after public speaker and educator, a successful business owner, corporate manager, author and a medical success story. Author or two books: ‘Integrative Leadership in Projects - Hints & Tips to Improve Your Leadership Whatever Your Role’ & ‘Tomato Soup Heaven’. In his spare time Neville is a Guest lecturer: University of Southern Queensland (10 years) and Adjunct Teaching Fellow: Bond University (Gold Coast) 2013-14.
        • It's a bold statement to make to say you are never going to retire. Neville Garnham believe that happiness is a choice we can make for retirement. Neville believes that if he stopped working and vegetated than he would surely die quickly. Keeping busy through working, mentoring, lecturing and volunteering is going to keep him happily busy for many year to come.

          • 4:00 Background on Neville
          • 5:00 What does Retirement look mean?
          • 9:30 Retirement is changing/li>
          • 11:00 Adopt a lifetime of learning cycle to stay mentally alert
          • 14:00 Hapiness is a Choice
          • 15:10 Enjoys Mentoring and Coaching
          • 18:00 Older people need interaction with others
          • 19:50 Leadership - it's up to them
          • 24:00 Author of the book 'Tomato Soup heaven'
          • 26:15 Contact Neville


            Episode #96: How To Achieve A Dream Lifestyle When You Retire in Puerto Rico

            Anything Can Be Achieved When You Focus On The End Result, like how to achieve a dream lifestyle when you retire in Puerto Rico, to an island home.


            25 min 32 sec


          • Norm Pyle and wife Deb from Kneedeepinit.com, decided to retire to a life on purpose. They had a radical shift and moved from cold Colorado to retire to the island of Vieques, PR. How to achieve a dream lifestyle when you retire in Puerto Rico is a great goal that required a shift in their priorities. Norm and Deb prove anything can be achieved when you focus on the end result.
            • 4:00 Background on Norm and Deb
            • 5:00 Serious Retirement talk
            • 6:00 Got focused on Retirement and started serious saving plan
            • 8:00 Speed up the Retirement process
            • 10:00 Retirement destination Vieques, Puerto Rico a territory of the USA
            • 13:50 Statesiders and transplants is what you are called who you live in a territory of the USA
            • 16:00 Rent or buy?
            • 18:20 One year on and still loving it
            • 22:00 To contact Norm
            • 23:15 Motivation to live their lives on Purpose


              Episode 95:Granny Flat Arrangement For Seniors

              Affordable Housing Options For Seniors Care


              25 min 53 sec


            • We are all living a lot longer and as Baby Boomers we face the prospect of caring for our parents as they age. What is the best strategy for taking care of our elderly parents, a question that more baby boomers are asking? Steve Jenkosky from Golden Age Advisory talks about the growing popularity of Granny Flat Arrangement for Seniors. This gives families an affordable housing option for seniors care that can also provide favourable financial solutions for estate planning.
              • 4:00 Helping provide a way for Parents to receive Care & Support
              • 5:15 Granny Flat arrangements the concept
              • 7:00 Be aware of the gifting rules
              • 8:00 How to create and establish a Granny Flat Right
              • 12:30 The reasonabale test looks at life expentancy and the pension
              • 15:00 Risks to take into consideration
              • 18:15 Who pays for what for whom?
              • 22:20 What is a Life Tenancy?
              • 24:00 Forethought and Planning
              • 24:40 Contact Steve


                Episode 94:More Baby Boomers Are Facing The Poverty Trap In Retirement

                Why Your Decisions And Behaviour Affect Your Bottom Line For Retirement.


                27 min 9 sec


              • We can't all live off social security so where is the other money coming from? Ray Ciafardini host of the Radical Retirement Podcast helps to shin the light on the number of baby boomers that have not saved for retirement. Nobody wants to end up Old and Broke. So why are so many baby boomers falling into the poverty trap.
                • 3:00 About Ray
                • 7:30 We are not looking far enough ahead
                • 10:15 Tough battle
                • 13:15 Latest statistics on Savings for Retirement is a big wake up call for Baby Boomers
                • 15:00 More financial education needed
                • 18:30 More affordable housing options would help
                • 21:20 The book 'The Millionarie Messenger', has inspired Ray
                • 23:30 Social security will not cover your living expenses.


                  Episode 93.Time to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone in Retirement

                  It Takes Courage

                    If you are in a comfort zone, afraid to venture out. Remember that all winners at one time were filled with doubt. Ann Nelson talks aobut how she went when it was time to venture outside her comfort zone in Retirement.


                      15 min 12 sec


                      • 2:00 Joined Toastmasters International
                      • 3:30 Leadership opportunities is good for the self-employed
                      • 5:10 Speak up for your community
                      • 11:20 Need to learn about Planning
                      • 12:40 We hate to fail need to put pride aside
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                        Episode 92. Want To Increase The Size Of Your Nest Egg For Retirement?

                        Why Your Decisions And Behaviour Affect Your Bottom Line For Retirement.


                        25 min 31 sec


                      • Before we can enjoy our retirement we need to prepare. What you do in the prepare section of your life up to age 60 will define your future.
                        • Darryl Lyons came from humble beginngs and was always fascinated by money.
                            Darryl shares insights for those who want to increase the size of your nest egg. Darryl is a Certified Financial Planner and a Behavioral Financial Advisor and explains the importance of knowing why your decisions and behaviour affect your bottom line for retirement.
                            • 3:00 About Darryl
                            • 4:50 Money is just more than math
                            • 6:15 Your Nest Egg is the Direct Result of People's Decisions and Behaviours
                            • 13:15 Instead of Retiring Darryl sees us Pivoting into the next chapter to a Life of Purpose
                            • 17:00 New Book:- 'A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages - 18 to 80' out soon
                            • 19:00 You need to add a Pause before all of your purchases - called mindful shopping
                            • 20:00 The Sandwich Generation - sees the kids moving back home taking care of the parents
                            • 22:00 Darryl is leading by example and believes in giving back to your community.
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                              What happens when you are 50 and homeless? Episode 91 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

                              Poverty and homelessness is a trap for many women.


                              34 min 31 sec


                              • 1:50 Australian, Wendy Coe, talks with Ann about how poverty and homelessness is a trap for many women. Wendy knows what happens when you are 50 and homeless as she chooses to work in this ever growing sector. Wendy has survived leaving home at 17 and being a stay at home single mother. This is a hard hitting episode that is a wake up call to all women.
                              • 3:00 About Wendy
                              • 7:30 Older Homeless women over 50 increasing
                              • 12:30 Lack of suitable single accommodation options
                              • 16:10 Family support if available
                              • 19:50 Bias of older women
                              • 23:00 We need affodrable housing solutions
                              • 26:00 More support needed for those women
                              • 31:00 Basic financial skills including budgeting needs to be taught in schools
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