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Learn how to set up simple positive cash flow. Episode 71 Retire Well Retire Happy

Do you want to leave the rat race behind?

Lane Kawaoka is setting himself up to leave the rat race behind. Starting from a young age Lane rented out his house for a profit.  This encouraged the purchase of several more homes. Lane now coaches, mentors and has become a Real Estate Entrepreneur doing syndicated private equity group deals. From Lane you will learn how to set up simple positive cash flow with Real Estate.

28 min 17sec



  • 1:40 Introduction to Lane Kawaoka from SimplePositiveCashFlow.com
  • 2:15 First real estate purchase
  • 4:25 Why Real Estate?
  • 10:05 Leave the rate race behind
  • 11:10 Move up to syndicated private equity groups
  • 14:00 Evaluate a good deal
  • 18:00 Where does Lane buy?
  • 21:00 Alternative investing
  • 27:00 Contact



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