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Episode #96: How To Achieve A Dream Lifestyle When You Retire in Puerto Rico

Anything Can Be Achieved When You Focus On The End Result, like how to achieve a dream lifestyle when you retire in Puerto Rico, to an island home.


25 min 32 sec


  • Norm Pyle and wife Deb from Kneedeepinit.com, decided to retire to a life on purpose. They had a radical shift and moved from cold Colorado to retire to the island of Vieques, PR. How to achieve a dream lifestyle when you retire in Puerto Rico is a great goal that required a shift in their priorities. Norm and Deb prove anything can be achieved when you focus on the end result.
    • 4:00 Background on Norm and Deb
    • 5:00 Serious Retirement talk
    • 6:00 Got focused on Retirement and started serious saving plan
    • 8:00 Speed up the Retirement process
    • 10:00 Retirement destination Vieques, Puerto Rico a territory of the USA
    • 13:50 Statesiders and transplants is what you are called who you live in a territory of the USA
    • 16:00 Rent or buy?
    • 18:20 One year on and still loving it
    • 22:00 To contact Norm
    • 23:15 Motivation to live their lives on Purpose


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