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Episode #98: Learn The Risks and Rewards of Angel Investing In Modern Times

How To Have A Bigger And Better Life that will Make a Bigger Impact


29 min 2 sec



    Matt Ward currently has 2 jobs, as founder, of Angel Investor & at The Syndicate and CEO - Founder - Podcast Fringe.FM.

      Matt Ward found out early in life that he hated having an ordinary job. Matt learnt how to make money via eCommerce and has gone onto Angle Investing. Listen to Matt talk about the risks and rewards of Angle Investing. Matt also shares his passion of how to have a bigger and better life that will make a bigger impact through the Podcast show of Fringefm. As well as being an angel investor, Matt Ward, is also a serial entrepreneur, startup advisor, speaker, consultant, futurist, growth hacker, hustler and author focused on helping startups change the world. The best way to reach him is on Fringe.FM or Twitter @itsmattward

      • 3:30 Background on Matt
      • 4:25 Why focus on Start-ups?
      • 8:30 5 years working with start-ups
      • 9:30 Looking for those that have a vision for the future
      • 12:00 Help with growth and marketing with potential for 50X return
      • 14:35 Betting on the next entreprenuer looking at SAS-Software as a Service
      • 18:30 Pace of change accelerating now in the digital computer era
      • 19:50 What else does Matt do - Health Paradigm shift
      • 25:00 Matt gives back via Fringe.fm. A podcast to change the way people think about the future
      • 28:00 Final message - never stop learning always have a purpose


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