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How to Escape the Rate Race

Tyler Sheff from cashflowguys.com share his investing secrets

I love hearing about how people got out of the rut and found a way to put money aside and invest for their future. There are a lot of schemes out there to get rich. I prefer to see that the people that are promoting these investing strategies have rungs on the board and can prove that what they are pushing they have achieved success in personally. There is the old saying that if it seems too good to be true that perhaps it is. As my guest on today’s show, Tyler Sheff, says ‘what makes the most money usually has the most risk’. There are other ways to invest for your future and sometimes slow and steady wins the race.

July 6, 2017
26 min 50 sec


  • 2:10 How Tyler Sheff got started
  • 3:40 18 Years experience
  • 5:35 Can't rely on the government so who do you listen to?
  • 8:35 Principles of Leverage
  • 9:35 Benefits of using a Coach/Mentor
  • 11:00 Find your why?
  • 13:00 Returns to expect, tips on where and what to buy
  • 17:30 Buy and Hold strategy in real estate
  • 20:20 International investors
  • 22:10 Interest in Belize


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