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Where will you live in the third half of your life? Episode 53 Retire Well Retire Happy

Isolation issues solved for seniors with Co-housing

Isolation is one of the key issues that we face as we age. Women more than men will be in this predicament as women tend to outlive their male partners. Are you rattling around in that big house on your own? Are you interested in ageing with people of similar interests? Lew Bowers from PDX Commons, a senior co-housing project in Portland, Oregon, explains how this new concept works.

December 7, 2017
24 min 18sec


  • 1:00 Where are you going to live?
  • 1:50 Community housing model
  • 3:50 Origins of Co-housing
  • 9:00 Social isolation Key Issue
  • 11:20 Member driven
  • 15:30 People in the Third half of there lives
  • 16:40 Layout
  • 19:40 Best and worst of co-housing
  • 21:20 Urban Development partners


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